3/22 and 3/29: Online Worship

Dear ones,

I hope the warm rays of spring sunshine are finding their way into your life.

For reasons of health, all in-person activities at the church are suspended until March 31st. In the meantime, we will continue to worship online on March 22 and March 29 at 10 am.

Please note the worship links below differ from last week. However, going forward, they will remain the same. Please save this information.

Worship by Computer
Click: https://zoom.us/j/755592058

Worship by Phone

A) Dial: 646-876-9923
B) Meeting ID: 755 592 058
C) There is no personal ID so press #

A couple notes about our online worship service:

1. Spread the word: Feel free to forward this email to other people who would be interested in joining us for worship. We know that this is an isolating time and we would like to share the gift of community with all who hunger for it.

2. Our digital bulletin: Sunday’s order of worship can be found here.

3. Sit with the Scripture: If you have time, I invite you to sit with the Scripture (John 9:1-41) prior to the worship service and move through the following steps:

1. Notice: What stands out to you?
2. Reflect: Where is God speaking to you in this text?
3. Pray: Offer these ponderings to God in prayer.
4. Just be: Rest in God’s presence beyond thoughts.

4. Prayer requests: We will share prayer requests during the service, but if you cannot join, please respond to this email with your prayer request. I will share them.

5. Join early: Please make a point to join prior to 10 a.m. to leave time for slow computers, technology mishaps and/or questions about Zoom.

I look forward to seeing you and/or hearing you on Sunday! I give thanks that even though we might be far from each other in distance, we can still have the joy still of worshiping God together.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Joy

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