About Our Worship

Walking into a new church can be intimidating. We’ve all been there.

How we worship…

We worship at 10 a.m. on Sunday in person and online.  Masks are optional for those who have had the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some worship in-person at The First Baptist Church in Essex, 10 Prospect Street, Essex, CT.  Others worship by Zoom while using a computer.  Still, others worship by calling in from their telephone.

Contact Pastor Joy Perkett at revjperkett@gmail.com or 860-581-0493 to receive the Zoom worship information.

If you worship in person or by Zoom video, you can expect to see worshipers in all sorts of clothing; we encourage you to dress as you are comfortable.

Our pastor shares sermons that will lead you into deeper experiences of God’s presence in the world and the desire to love and serve others.

Typically, we enjoy a diversity of music, which includes a choir, a bell choir, an organist, and the Joyful Noise, a musical group comprised of an electric keyboard and guitar. Currently, during the pandemic, our music is comprised of congregational singing,  a bell choir, and performances by our music director.

We serve communion on the first Sunday of the month.  Everyone is welcome to take communion, those who’ve put their faith in Jesus and those who want to. Our communion cup is filled with grape juice.

…and love our kids…

We enjoy having young ones as a part of our worship in the sanctuary.  Every fourth Sunday we offer an intergenerational service at 10 a.m. which centers our children.

…and love others.

We value connection.   Typically, after services, you would find people hanging out downstairs for “Coffee & …”   Although we are currently forgoing a physical coffee hour, you can linger afterwards on Zoom, or in person, as a way to connect!

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