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The Imprint of Sole

Acts 9:36-43 [watch video here] Transforming love. Let’s take a survey. Who has ever been transformed by love? Raise your hand if the answer is yes. I have! How have you been transformed? Has it been like the slow drip of rainthat leaves scattered holes on a rock’s surface?Or have you experienced a sudden transformation–like […]
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Middletown Pride

We are organizing a First Baptist Church in Essex contigent to go to Middletown Pride in Middletown, CT on June 4. It is supposed to be one of Connecticut’s largest pride events. Please let us know if you would like to come with us. You can contact Pastor Joy at .

Noontime Prayer: May 2022

On Monday through Thursday, we are offering mid-day prayer via Zoom.It will last from 12 – 12:20 p.m. Please contact Pastor Joy Perkett at for the access information.

Shoreline Soup Kitchen: May 2022

Each Monday night at 5:30 p.m., we serve takeout meals for the local Shoreline Soup Kitchen & Pantries. We are always looking for new volunteers. Please contact Pastor Joy Perkett at or 860-581-0493 if you would like to volunteer.

New London Community Meal: May 2022

Every third Saturday at 3:30 p.m., we serve takeout meals at the Community Meal at the Church of the City in New London. We are always looking for new volunteers. Please contact Pastor Joy Perkett at 860-581-0493 or if you would be interesting in participating.

The Moment of Recognition

[Watch video here.] John 21:1-19 Let’s pray. Loving Rabboni, you welcome me into your community.You listen to my voice, you see me as I am, and I am loved.I have courage and strength to persevere in your loving way,loving God, loving creation, and loving my neighbor.Send me; use me.When I encounter suffering, I will show […]
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“What Does It Mean to be White” Course

This virtual will start on May 23.  It will meet Mondays at 7 p.m. for nine weeks, skipping July 4.  It will meet for 1.5 hours. This powerful course gives the gift of inner transformation. The course takes a life-altering look at what it means to be white, using the words of Black writers and […]
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Resurrection Patience

[Watch video here.] Luke 24:13-49 On the first day of the week,the women came to the tomb bringing spices.Grieving, they could have remained at home;that would be a normal response to death.Death had left a void in their hearts and their lives,that hole was in the shape of their beloved, Jesus. Still, they love Jesus.Still, […]
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The Spiritual Practice of Wastefulness

John 12:1-8 [Watch the sermon video here.] They called Jesus a waster. One who wastes.Mary found her special perfume, which cost a year’s wages,and poured it all over Jesus’ feet. Priceless perfume oozed into his souls,and then … the floor! The onlookers remembered that Jesus rebuked extravagance.Now, as priceless perfume soaked his skinthey called him […]
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Holy Week Schedule!

Palm Sunday, April 10, 10 a.m. (hybrid) Maundy Thursday, April 14, 7 p.m. (hybrid) Easter Sunrise Service, Riverview Cemetery, April 17, 6 a.m. (in-person only) Easter Service, April 17, 10 a.m. (hybrid)