3/15 & 3/22: Online Worship

Dear Ones,

Your health and well-being is our top priority.  For that reason, we are worshiping online rather than in-person on March 15 and March 22.  There will be no in-person worship services on those days.  Instead, we will meet instead for worship via Zoom, an online meeting platform that can be accessed via phone or computer.


To worship online on March 15 and 22, please contact me at RevJPerkett@gmail.com for the Zoom access information.

Notes about our online worship service:

1. Try to access Zoom now: Practice calling in or connecting to the meeting now.  Does it work?  This is the time to troubleshoot.  

2. Different worship order:  Below is the altered agenda for worship.

9:45 Zoom orientation
10 am Worship Service
  • Announcements
  • Music (if someone signs in and wants to offer music, whether by voice or instrument; let me know if you could do this)
  • Opening Prayer
  • Prayers of the People 
  • Pastoral Prayer and Jesus’ Prayer
  • Scripture (Attached, John 4:5-52)
  • Scripture Discussion 
  • Music (if someone signs in and wants to offer music, whether by voice or instrument; let me know if you could do this )
  • Benediction

3. Sit with the Scripture: If you have time, I invite you to sit with the Scripture (Attached, John 4:5-52) prior to the worship service and move through the following steps:

  1.   Notice: What stands out to you?
  2.   Reflect: Where is God speaking to you in this text?
  3.    Pray: Offer these ponderings to God in prayer.
  4.   Just be: Rest in God’s presence beyond thoughts.
4. Technical questions: If you have technical questions tomorrow about Zoom, you can contact Matthew Nuss tomorrow from 9 a.m. onward at 845-594-8684.  
5. Prayer requests: We will share prayer requests tomorrow during the service, but if you cannot join, I encourage you to respond to this email with your prayer requests.  I will share them.
6. Join early: Please make a point to join prior to 10 a.m. to leave time for slow computers, technology mishaps and/or questions about Zoom.
More details will follow this week as our church considers creative ways we can care for each other and our communities across distance.  All of you, as well as our world, remain close in my prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Joy Perkett

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