I see you. I bless you.

The voices of the world so often try to tell us who we are and what we are worth and, in the midst of that cacophony, Jesus bends down and washes the dust off our feet, reminding us that it is God’s love that defines us and enfolds every circumstance in our lives.

In places of heartache, of mental illness, of addiction, of physical illness, of poverty, of bombings, in moments when we can’t even get out of bed, Jesus tends our feet with the greatest possible care.  When Jesus comes across our blisters and bruises, he says to us, like a beloved friend, “What a journey you must have walked.”

“I see you.  I bless you and I love you, now and all the days ahead.”

(This is an excerpt from this week’s Maundy Thursday meditation. To read the meditation in full, click here)

This week and always, I pray that you might feel the love, presence and blessing of Jesus.

Pastor Joy

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