Join Us for Holy Week!

Palm Sunday – Intergenerational Worship
March 20th, 10 a.m., First Baptist Church in Essex
This week during worship, in place of a sermon, we will be telling & enacting the story of Palm Sunday.  The storytelling will engage all ages, adults and children alike, and will include meaningful activities to prepare us for our journey through Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday
March 24th, 7 p.m., First Baptist Church in Essex
We will reflect on the last evening of Jesus’ time on earth in a service that includes communion, foot/hand washing, and Tenebrae.

Easter Sunrise Service
March 26th, 6:30 a.m, Riverside Cemetery, Essex, CT
Come celebrate the resurrection of Christ as we watch the sun rise, hear the life-giving story and join in joyous song.

Easter Breakfast
March 26th, 7 a.m. (approximately), First Baptist Church in Essex
Breakfast will follow the sunrise service.

Easter Worship Service
March 26th, 10 a.m., First Baptist Church in Essex
Join us for our traditional Easter morning service in our flower and music-filled sanctuary.

Easter Potluck Dinner
March 26th, 3 p.m.
Pastor Joy Perkett & her partner Matthew Nuss are considering hosting an Easter potluck dinner at their house, particularly for those who would like to celebrate that holiday with others. If you are interested in participating, please let Joy know by emailing her at or calling/texting her at 860-581-0493.

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