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Centering Prayer: April 2019

Every Saturday, 10 a.m., Helen Henry Fellowship Hall Join us for a time of prayer.  Centering Prayer is a method of setting an intention to consent to God’s presence and action within.  Briefly, it’s a method that allows one to “rest in God,” which, in turn, sparks an inner transformative process.   Most would say that […]
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Centering Prayer & Lectio Cancelled

Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina have been cancelled on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019.

3/13: A Night of Musical Sharing – Hymn Sing

Join us on Wed. March 13th, at 7 p.m. for a hymn sing! Come & request your favorite hymns!

Ash Wednesday Meditation

Isaiah 58:1-12 I have been doing an unofficial sermon series on my colleague’s, Brother Anthony Zuba’s, song, “After the Summons.” Tonight, I want to share with you one last verse. In his song, Zuba writes, “Many years I trod until I heard you call my name Many voices and I thought that yours was just […]
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Ash Wednesday Service

March 6th at 7 p.m. Join us for a time of reflection and renewal as we worship together on Ash Wednesday.  Worship will include prayer, singing and imposition of ashes. Lay down your burdens and lighten your load as we begin the journey through Lent.

The Holy Valley

Scripture: Luke 9:28-43a With the rainy, cloudy days of winter, I have been thinking of the Beatles’ lyrics: Here comes the sun. That has been my prayer as of late: Come out, sun. The song continues: “It’s been a long cold lonely winter”. Have you known what it is to experience a long, cold winter? […]
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Water Changes Everything

Luke 6:27-38 Water changes everything. This truth washed over me with the summer rainfall as Matt and I trekked ever upward, determined to reach the top of the mountain peaks that beckoned us. We had been working on a patch to hike the highest 46 mountain peaks in the Adirondacks – and time was of […]
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Holy Adventure

Luke 3:1-6 ADVENTURE, a poem by the Reverend Timothy Haut. Sun, rise on this day like a flower unfolding to loveliness, or to surprise. Let there be a twist in the old path, where a new view may startle me with joy. Help the child in me skip with expectation, ready for an adventure of […]
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A Sermon for Those who Travel in the Dark

Psalm 25:1-10 “I lay open my whole life to you.” This is one translation of the beginning of today’s psalm. “I lay open my whole life to you, trusting you O Holy One.” The words struck me when I read them this week. It sounds a bit daunting, our lives are full and nuanced. How […]
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Mark 10:46-52 “in light of each day’s questions, I am never prepared. Today, again, I have nothing to offer but a handful of old prayers, worn down by relentless abrasion of doubt, and a fragment of dream that plays on in my head only half-remembered. Still, the doves coo and circle through the pines as […]
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