Update – Bible Study Moved to Tuesday!

Bible Study is now on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.  We will not meet on July 5th or 12th.

The Spirit is speaking, are you listening?  Join us as we explore Acts of the Apostles and discern how the Holy Spirit is speaking to the apostles as well as to us in our own lives as individuals, a congregation and a greater shoreline community.  No preparation is required for the Bible study.  We will read, reflect and discuss it as we gather together.

The gatherings will be at Pastor Joy’s house.  Call, text or email her for directions (860-581-0493 or revjperkett@gmail.com).

The Bible Study on Acts is currently divided out as follows:

Week 1: Chapter 1
Week 2: Chapters 2 – 3
Week 3: Chapters 3 – 4:31
Week 4: Chapters 4:32 – 6:7
Week 5: Chapters 6:8 – 8:3
Week 6: Chapters 8:4- 9:42
Week 7: Chapter 10
Week 8: Chapters 11 – 12
Week 9: Chapters 13 -14

Questions to ponder as you are reading:

  • How is God speaking to you through this text?
  • What questions does this text raise for you?
  • What parts of the text do you find challenging?
  • Are there words or phrases that stick out to you?
  • To which people do you relate in the story?
  • Which people do you have a hard time understanding?
  • How does this text touch your life?



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