What Does Love Triumphant Sound Like?

I once heard a preaching professor say that to really understand the Gospel, we need to use all the senses, we need to engage in touch and sight, sound and smell, so perhaps to understand the Good News, we need to ask ourselves:  What does hope feel like? What does resurrection look like?  What does the bread of life taste like?  What does grace smell like? What does love triumphant sound like?

As I contemplated those questions this week, I experienced the sound of the Good News in the form of bluegrass and country music!   In his song “No One Does the Things My Lord Can Do”, John Rudman brings to life the stories of Jesus through a twangy tune and catchy beat.  His song prepares us to hear the Gospel this week (Luke 7:11-17), which is about how Jesus stops in compassion when he sees a mourning widow and heals her son.  The Gospel reminds us that God is present with us in all circumstances and that, indeed, God does amazing things.

If you would like to check out Rudman’s bluegrass tune, click here to watch his music video on YouTube.

Blessings on your week.

Pastor Joy

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