The Holy is Here

All God’s people,
All God’s people,
Welcome home, gather ‘round,
The Holy is here.

These lyrics from the song “All God’s People” by Rob Leveridge remind us that there is a holiness to all God’s people gathering ‘round.  This is truth we are reminded of not just by the song, but also by Jesus’ words in this week’s Scripture.

(Link to song “All God’s People.”  Main part starts at 0:45)

In this week’s Scripture (John 21:1-19), the disciples go out fishing, trying to feed their hungry bellies.  After a long night of not catching anything, a voice from the shore invites them to try the other side.  When they do, their nets come up full, packed with every type of fish imaginable.

When the disciples realize the voice is that of the Risen Christ, they return to the shore, where Jesus has a nice campfire going, on which he is grilling some fish.

Jesus invites them to add some of their own fish and, when the fish are ready, says to them, “Come and eat.”

In these words, Christ is inviting all God’s people to come home, gather ‘round and discover the truth that, indeed, in their gathering and their eating, the Holy is here.


Pastor Joy

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