Participating in Church Digitally

Friends, I greet you with grace and peace!

I am delighted that you have been reading our blog and wanted to share a couple other mediums on which you can participate digitally in the life of the church.

If you are on Facebook, you can follow the church news on our public page (which you can access here) and you can also join our closed-group church page, where we share prayer concerns and celebrations, music and conversation (accessible here – add yourself now).

Our website & google calendar have the most updated list of the upcoming events at our church.

We are also on Twitter but not many of our connections are active. If you are a Twitter, be sure to say hi to us @fbcinessex.

Lastly, you can invite your friends to receive this newsletter by inviting them to sign up here.

Thank you all for the ways you share God’s love through the internet.


Pastor Joy

This message is part of the FBC weekly e-newsletter, which provides up-to-date happenings in the life of the church.  Sign up to receive our e-news by clicking here

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