Blessings on Your Week (Even If It’s Kinda Messy)

The Scripture for last Sunday (1 Kings 8:22-30, 40-43) talked about preparing a dwelling place for God.

As I read about all the work that the Israelites did to prepare that dwelling place, I found myself thinking about houses and all the work it takes to straighten them up and get them ready for others.

The Good News is that, even when our houses and lives aren’t quite in order, God shows up and dwells among us. We don’t have to have everything figured out in order to experience God’s love and mercy. This truth was one that I was reminded of again as I read the poem “Making the House Ready for the Lord” by Mary Oliver, which I have shared below.

Making the House Ready for the Lord

Dear Lord, I have swept and I have washed but
still nothing is as shining as it should be
for you. Under the sink, for example, is an
uproar of mice— it is the season of their
many children. What shall I do? And under the eaves
and through the walls the squirrels
have gnawed their ragged entrances— but it is the season
when they need shelter, so what shall I do? And
the raccoon limps into the kitchen and opens the cupboard
while the dog snores, the cat hugs the pillow;
what shall I do? Beautiful is the new snow
falling in the yard and the fox who is staring
boldly up the path, to the door. And still I believe you will
come, Lord: you will, when I speak to the fox,
the sparrow, the lost dog, the shivering sea-goose, know
that really I am speaking to you whenever I say,
as I do all morning and afternoon: Come in, Come in.

Blessings to each of you as you journey through this week.

Pastor Joy

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